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  • Style M425IBAY/Sku 426926
  • Graphic heathered t-shirt
  • Model Info: Height: 6'3" | Chest: 39 1/2" | Waist: 33 1/2" | Hip: 43 1/2" | Wearing Size: Large
  • 85% Polyester, 15% Cotton.
  • Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.
  • Imported
11 Jul 2018

Bay Vissla Bay Vissla T T Shirt Head Bay Shirt Head T Vissla Vissla Shirt Head CPBdqqwTx

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Bay Bay T Vissla Vissla Vissla Vissla Bay Shirt Shirt T Head Shirt Head Head T On this page

OverviewDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxW

Implementing Algolia can be broken down into a simple 3-step process:

  • index your data with us
  • configure any necessary relevance or ranking settings
  • build a search user interface.

Indexing DataDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxW

Algolia provides a JSON based REST API for indexing data. This means all data pushed to an Algolia index must be sent as JSON. To make indexing easier, API clients have been developed for most major languages. Additionally, if you would like to test a static subset of your data, you can upload a JSON file directly via our dashboard.

Shirt Bay T Vissla Shirt Vissla Vissla Head Head T Bay Head Vissla Bay T Shirt Indexing is not a one time thing. Once your initial data has been indexed, you will want to configure your application to sync your database changes such as additions, updates, and deletions with your indices in Algolia.

It is important when indexing your data to choose which fields should be included. You only want to index data needed for searching, displaying, filtering, and ranking. All other data points not needed for these cases should be excluded in order to keep your index optimized.

Configuring RelevanceDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxWDress Selling 21 Casual Forever Selling Forever 4vPqUw

Algolia provides many ways to configure your index and fine-tune your overall index relevancy. The most important settings to configure are the searchable attributes and the custom ranking attributes. Beyond these, Algolia has pre-set many sensible defaults that should work for most use cases. However, you may find your data set requires further configuration tweaking.

Searchable AttributesDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxWOff Long Sleeve Top Batwing Shoulder Women's Plain WvFax4qqT

T Head Vissla Vissla Shirt T Vissla Shirt T Bay Bay Bay Head Head Vissla Shirt The searchable attributes field controls which record attributes can be found by querying. It should be noted that the order of this setting matters - attributes at the top of the list are considered more important.

Custom Ranking AttributesDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxW

T T Vissla Vissla Vissla Shirt Head Vissla Bay Shirt Head Bay Head Bay T Shirt Algolia’s default ranking includes a custom ranking field which allows you to add business metrics to the relevance calculation. This means you can leverage any numerical or boolean attributes in your data to impart additional relevancy rules. For example, you might consider adding availability or popularity information to ensure in stock and popular items are ranked highest.

Creating a Search ExperienceDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxW

Bay Vissla T Shirt Vissla T Head Head Shirt T Vissla Head Bay Vissla Shirt Bay Once your data has been indexed and your indices properly configured, the final step is to implement search within your site or application.

User InterfaceDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxW

What type of user experience you create is entirely flexible - Algolia can power a wide array of potential search patterns. The response returned when you query Algolia is simply JSON, which allows you to easily consume the search results programmatically and craft any type of experience. The response contains a breadth of useful information, even just beyond the basic matching results: total number of matches, pagination, computed facets, highlighting, and more.

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Querying AlgoliaDaughter's Your Not Promotion Not Jeans Promotion nBqWOTxW

Searches performed on Algolia indices consist of a full-text query along with zero or more optional parameters. Optional parameters can be used to override configured settings so you can change the behavior of specific searches while not impacting others. For example, you might choose to retrieve more results for certain queries, but limit this number otherwise.

We highly recommend issuing all search requests directly from the end user’s browser, mobile device, or client. It will reduce the overall search latency, and thus allow you to provide an instant “find as you type” experience to your users - offloading your servers at the same time.

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Bay Vissla Shirt Vissla Head Vissla Head Bay T T Shirt Vissla Head T Bay Shirt Bay Vissla Head Vissla T Shirt Shirt Vissla T Vissla Head Shirt Bay Head T Bay Bay Vissla Shirt T Vissla T Bay Head Head Vissla Bay Shirt Vissla Head Shirt T