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Argentina economic crisis is about more than inflation

Residents say more needs to be done to boost production, generate jobs as crisis worsens despite $50b IMF loan.

Counting the Cost

Social media influencers and those who pay them

Should online celebrities come clean about being paid to promote certain brands or services like plastic surgery?


Argentina begins talks with IMF to speed up $50bn loan

Meeting comes a day after President Mauricio Macri announced new measures to boost the country's embattled economy.

Inside Story

Is Africa getting into a 'debt trap' with China?

President Xi Jinping hosts high-level meeting of African leaders and promises no strings attached to more financing.

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At China-Africa summit, officials dismiss debt criticism

Critics say Beijing's Belt and Road project is worsening debt problems in some African countries.

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Argentina's Macri raises taxes, axes ministries after peso plunge

President announces raft of 'emergency' austerity measures in a bid to tackle the country's worsening financial crisis.


Travellers left stranded after Greece ferry strike

Greek sailors halt traffic as they demand a five percent rise in wages after eight years of austerity measures.


Hundreds protest against high prices in Yemen's Aden

Demonstrators burn tyres and block major roads, demanding the government reduce prices of consumer goods.

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Trade deficit tops China-Africa summit in Beijing

Key conference in China comes amid criticism of Beijing's debt-laden approach in dealing with developing nations.

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Erdogan: US acting like 'wild wolves' as row heats up

Turkish president announces negotiations with Russia are ongoing to sideline 'damaging' US dollar in global trade.


Post-bailout Greece offers little to young people

Although youth unemployment has fallen, graduates still have poor job prospects and young people feel hopeless.

Poverty & Development

Colombia: 'I'm not proud cultivating coca, but we have no choice'

Farmers say there are no alternatives to illegal cultivation as armed groups, corruption take hold of their communities.

Counting the Cost

Trump, NAFTA and Global Trade

After a week of NAFTA talks, we look at the effect US President Donald Trump's approach is having on world trade.

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Argentina: Peso's fall raises concerns of financial hardship

Argentina's government says it will discuss a $50bn bailout loan with the IMF.

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