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Founded in 1939, AIHA is a community of the best and brightest people in industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety around the world. ​As a nonprofit organization, AIHA is devoted to achieving and maintaining the highest professional standards for its members.

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General or Business Liability Insurance from The Hartford Purchased through Hays Affinity

​Effective September 7, 2016, AIHA changed the program administrator for its sponsored Professional Liability Insurance plan. Participants in the programs will retain their current Professional Liability Insurance policies and the details of the coverage and the cost of coverage will remain unchanged, as will the insurance company, Lloyds of London.  All program administration including policy application, issuance and claims administration will be handled by Alliant Insurance Services, a privately held, national insurance brokerage firm. The AIHA program will be administered from their offices in Chantilly, Virginia.

If you had purchased a General or Business Insurance policy from The Hartford through Hays and would like to also transfer the administration of this policy to Alliant, you must send The Hartford a Broker of Record Letter on your company letterhead requesting this change.  AIHA’s sponsored insurance program only included the Professional Liability insurance, therefore, our switch to Alliant did not include the other policies you purchased through Hays.  Below is a template for the Broker of Record Letter should you wish to request this change.  Please note that if you do not make this change, Alliant Insurance Services will not be able to assist you with anything related to policies other than the Professional Liability Insurance.

(Today’s Date)


The Hartford

301 Woodpark Drive

Clinton, NY  13323


Re:  Broker of Record Letter (BOR)

        Named Insured: __________________________________________________

        General Liability Policy Number:  ____________________________________

        Policy Period:  ___________________________________________________

        Workers Compensation Policy Number:________________________________

        Policy Period:_____________________________________________________

        Business Auto Policy Number: _______________________________________

        Policy Period: _____________________________________________________

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Dear Hartford,


This is to advise that as of the date of this letter, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. (4530 Walney Road, Suite 200, Chantilly, VA 20151) is appointed our Broker of Records and representative for the above referenced policy(ies). This appointment Rescinds all previous appointments and the authority contained herein shall remain in force until canceled by us in writing.


Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. is hereby authorized to negotiate directly with you. This letter of authorization also constitutes the authority for any underwriter to furnish representatives of Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. with any information pertaining to the mentioned policy(ies).   


We request that you waive the customary 10-day waiting period and honor our request for change effective immediately.  Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.



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